• Refill Kit for Canon Inkjet Printers (Complete Set)

    • Free Shipping Nationwide (Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao)
    • Affordable refill kit compatible for PG-810, CL-811 and other similar canon inkjet cartridges.
    • Package includes the following 1 x UV Dye Ink 100ml (Cyan) 1 x UV Dye Ink 100ml (Magenta) 1 x UV Dye Ink 100ml (Yellow) 1 x UV Dye Ink 100ml (Black) 4 x syringe (color and size may vary depending on stocks on-hand) 1 x Hand Drill (color may vary depending on stocks on-hand) 1 pair Medium Size Hand Gloves 1 x Cartridge Cleaning Solution 100ml 1 x Refill Manual compatible with Canon Inkjet Printers

    • PG-810 and CL-811, PG-810s and CL-811s, PG-810XL and PG-811XL
    • PG-47 and CL-57, PG-47s and CL-57s, PG-47XL and CL-57XL
    • PG-88 and CL-98, PG-88s and CL-98s,PG-88XL and CL-98XL
    • PG-210 and CL-211, PG-210s and CL-211s, PG-210XL and CL-211XL
    • PG-243 and CL-244, PG-243s and CL-244s, PG-243XL and CL-244XL
    • PG-245 and CL-246, PG-245s and CL-246s, PG-245XL and CL-246XL
    • PG-440 and CL-441, PG-440s and CL-441s, PG-440XL and CL-441XL
    • PG-545 and CL-546,PG-545s and CL-546s, PG-545XL and CL-546XL
    • PG-645 and CL-646, PG-645s and CL-646s, PG-645XL and CL-646XL
    • PG-705 and CL-706, PG-705s and CL-706s, PG-705XL and CL-706XL
    • PG-745 and CL-746, PG-745s and CL-746s, PG-745XL and CL-746XL
    • PG-755 and CL-756, PG-755s and CL-756s, PG-745XL and CL-746XL
    • and other similar Canon Inkjet Cartridges
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